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Be consistent and congruent

Visuals on your site

Your images, fonts, colors, should be kept consistent and should match your brand.

Use the 80/20 rule here because remember you are not in the branding stage of your business, you are in the sales business. So just do ‘good enough’. You can’t do nothing because then your business will be some amorphous blob that doesn’t mean anything to anyone, but you can’t have it dialed in perfectly because you don’t have the budget or experience yet.


Use your intuition AND 2 other people. Your design intuition could be off which is why you need others’ opinions too. Ask each other what that font is saying Different fonts say different things. DIFFERENT FONTS SAY DIFFERENT THINGS.

Around 3 fonts. If you’re trying to “say” 5 different things on your site, your visitors will be confused. You say one thing with your header text, another
with title text, another with your paragraph.


The same principle applies thing. Ensure you know your brand’s color codes and limit yourself to those 3 or 4. You’ve got the background color (white or black which don’t really count), your main color (1 or 2), and your button color for your buttons (which can be one of your main colors). And keep in mind what each color ‘says’ – you can easily look that up online.

Multimedia content

These are the images, videos, gifs, etc. Anything with pixels. As I said earlier, you’re not a brand designer, but use common sense! If you’re selling car insurance to young men – don’t add pictures of kids.

Being consistent and congruent comes back to knowing your audience.”

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Be consistent and congruent


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