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Don’t follow the “Next Big Thing”

“Prioritize what is most important. Pain, offer, trust.“ Sales > Marketing > Brand At first focus on 1 on 1, then expand to marketing. If you can’t sell 1 on 1, you won’t sell 1 to many. That’s much harder. Again, don’t lose focus. If you’re taking this course, it’s probably because you’re in the […]

Be consistent and congruent

Visuals on your site Your images, fonts, colors, should be kept consistent and should match your brand. Use the 80/20 rule here because remember you are not in the branding stage of your business, you are in the sales business. So just do ‘good enough’. You can’t do nothing because then your business will be […]

Be Personal and Authoritative

Personal – it isn’t about you Many businesses won’t have people working directly with the CEO. If this is the case – if you’re a personal trainer working 1 on 1 with clients, then go ahead and make your site very personal. But if you’re a physiotherapy clinic director and clients never actually work with […]

Why not wordpress + Elementor

Not your priority right now Remember how multiple times I’ve said that in this stage in your business, your number 1 priority is 1 on 1 sales? An advanced website just isn’t worth it for you right now. Imagine a website as a % increase in your revenue- through more conversions, higher prices, and an […]