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Don’t follow the “Next Big Thing”

Prioritize what is most important. Pain, offer, trust.

Sales > Marketing > Brand

At first focus on 1 on 1, then expand to marketing. If you can’t sell 1 on 1, you won’t sell 1 to many. That’s much harder. Again, don’t lose focus.

If you’re taking this course, it’s probably because you’re in the “sales” stage of your business. What you’re doing with this site should be all about improving your sales process. Therefore even on a micro sense- focus on the things on your website that will help your 1 on 1 sales. Testimonials, case study, process, USP, offer, about page, etc.

Don’t follow the ‘next big trend’.

For example, I’ve heard a ton of small business owners ask me if they should be doing SEO. SEO is marketing strategy, and is very expensive when done well, because there are no tricks to SEO anymore. And for the very small business owners being sold on it – many companies know you won’t get many results for low prices and they’ll hide that by saying 2 common things ‘this takes 6 months to a year’ (this is partly true, but in that time will the money you have spent moved the needle for your business in any noticeable way?), and worse ‘we can’t tell you what we’re doing’.

Success is more about consistently doing the right thing than about making genius decisions. When you lose focus, think about the root/soul of your business. Your business is a vehicle to serve others. Pain, offer, trust

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Andrei is old enough to have 7 years of experience and young enough to give much more relevant advice than the dinosaurs in this industry.

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Don’t follow the “Next Big Thing”


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