Other Option #3

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads and other online ads have skyrocketed in the past few years. Businesses, both large and small have realized they can get targeted, interested leads or clicks for a few dollars or even less! Why spend $3000 on your roofing website when you can get 1000 leads. 3 reasons: 2 that apply to everyone, 1 that applies to more premium businesses.

 1 – A website isn’t meant to just sit there and look pretty, a website will actively help you convert leads and sell for you. “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson. They’re a 24/7 salesperson that does exactly what you tell it to. On top of that, websites are a hub for all the online aspects of your business – your email newsletter, your social media, your interactive quiz or lead form, your membership platform, your referral program. Visitors are churned (but in the good way) back and forth between these other platforms in order for you to stay top of mind, get more word of mouth, get more online activity and overall increase customer lifetime value. A website can help make a 1-time customer into a lifetime customer and promoter.

2 – Just about everyone has competitors these days. You can rest assured that if you look up [Your Industry] [Your City] on Google the top 3 results will have great websites (although that great website may have been made 5 years ago and so will have cost double with half the features as it would have now). How you stand out in your marketplace is everything because customers are inundated with so many different brands/businesses.

3 – You can definitely get leads without a site, but many service businesses don’t have a lead problem as much as they have an ideal client problem. You can work 60 hours a week for years but if you’re only working tiny contracts you will never find financial freedom or grow your business. You need to take on more of your ideal clients- whoever that is. Ideal clients are usually that way for a  good reason – they have a big budget and network – and they know that. They’re picky and they’re not going to settle for someone with a weak online presence. Sometimes it’s just because they’re the buyer for the company and don’t want to be held accountable – so they’ll pick a bad deal with a squeaky-online presence because they can just say “look how professional they look, this wasn’t my fault”. You need to prove to them that you are able to handle a project of the magnitude they require and you won’t be able to do so with just a social media page.