Other Option #1

Make it yourself using a website builder

Opportunity cost- how much money are you missing out on by figuring out how to make a professional site on your own?

Agencies might cost a fair amount per hour, but they’ve also been doing this stuff for years – how long would it take them to build a site vs a complete newbie?

So if you spend 60 hours on the site and an agency spends 20 at an $100/hr rate (we’re $65/hour now) that rate is really just the equivalent of $33/hr – are you making less than that? If so than opportunity cost would suggest maybe making your own site does make sense.

However, one extra thing to consider is an agency isn’t just faster at making websites than you, but it has cumulative knowledge from working in that industry for years. They’ll suggest things you never would have thought of yourself.

Put yourself in your own shoes now – how effective will a beginner be at what it is you do and how much will they miss?