Other Option #2

Outsource to a freelancer

The prices on an option like this can get stunningly low- as low as $100.

Usually you’re actually hiring an agency, not an individual, and whoever is tasked with making your project is actually making less than half of what you pay (after the freelancing site fee and the fact that they’re employed by the agency).

They’re likely receiving $2/$3 per hour and needless to say you get what you pay for at these rock-bottom prices.

You can go for more expensive freelancers/agencies in 3rd countries – but you have to weigh that against the cost of all the externalities- the language barrier, cultural barrier, communication difficulty (vastly different time-zones), and lack of accountability.

If you are serious about your business for the long-term and have over a $1000 budget this isn’t the best way to go.