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If you’re unsure about which pages to use, pretend you’re a salesperson, fulfiller, and customer service rep working from A to Z with an ideal client. What are the different things you’ll go through with them?


FunctionalityWhat it isHow it benefits you
Contact form for lead generationA custom-made form with the most relevant information you need from clientsAllows visitors to more easily take action with your business
Site searchA bar at the top of your site that lets visitors search for specific contentProvides a better user experience for your visitors
Newsletter sign up formsA widget that allows visitors to sign up to your newsletter, for Mailchimp for exampleMakes it easier for you to stay top of mind with visitors (if you have a convincing enough offer to get them to sign up)
Map & locationA widget that adds your location through Google Maps to your webpage, usually in the footerLet’s visitors easily visualize where you’re located and adds a greater level of legitimacy
Google AnalyticsTracking software embedded into the backend of your site. Alloys you see visitor metrics like pageviews, bounce rate. time on site, and much moreIf analyzed, can help you understand what content does and doesn’t resonate with visitors as well as helps you map out an efficient customer journey
Advanced AnalyticsHeatmap software, visitor recording software, automatic monthly reportsProvides deeper analysis into visitor behavior
Facebook PixelBe able to track who visits your website from Facebook AdsAllows you to retarget visitors to your site in further Facebook ads
CRM integration (Ex: HubSpot)Embed the websites contact form into your Customer Relationship Management softwareGives you a more convenient way to follow up with your leads
A popup formA form that pops up with an attractive offer when visitors are about to leave the siteAllows you to convert a small portion of people that were going to be lost
Visitor membershipAllows visitors to login to the site as a member and see restricted content- usually, an online courseMakes customers/clients commit further to your business by giving them a role in your ‘ecosystem’. Increases efficiency of various Systems.
An online Store/ Shopping cartAllows visitors to pay for products/services through your website and includes 10 productsIncreases legitimacy by letting customers do this ‘in-house’ on your website
Basic online payment gatewayAllows visitors to pay for fixed services (usually digital services) through your site through StripeIncreases legitimacy by letting customers do this ‘in-house’ on your website
BlogA blog page that allows you to easily post blog posts educating visitorsHave visitors see you as more of a thought leader in your space
Client testimonials & reviewsA widget that takes your google reviews and embeds them into your websiteThe most trustworthy way of showing off client testimonials
(since Google is a neutral third party).
Upcoming events calendarA custom tool that either pulls information from another calendar or is manually editedProvides a good reason to have (potential) customers come back often and improves the user experience
Social Media IntegrationAdd your live Instagram feed to your website, Links are included in your site for free.Gives visitors a taste of your social media presence without having to leave the site
CopywritingWrite website copy for you given your prompts to our streamlined copy template.Saves you a lot of time and energy, while still preserving your voice and vision for the site
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Plan your website pages and features


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