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What's a great Annualized return?

The stock market, over the course of a decade averages about 10% per year. That’s been quite consistent for the past 100 years. Of course, more sure ‘investments’ such as bonds that guarantee that return in year, will only be a few %. Higher risk, higher return. The consensus though is that anything over 10-15% is spectacular. If you put your info in the calculator and you’re looking at below 10%- it’s not broken, it’s just that your yearly revenue isn’t going to increase that much in absolute terms with a 10-20% increase in revenue (since websites are a multiplier on your existing numbers). We’re not going to sell websites to small businesses that wouldn’t get a great ROI, and we make this very clear with this calculator.

The consensus is usually to update your site every 3-4 years. But if you can get a great ROI with a new site every 2.5 years, you definitely will with a new site every 3-4 years. I’ve just set it to 2.5 years to allow a large margin for error. Calculators that don’t take this into account are simply lying to you. 5 years down the line, technology and the market will have changed so much that whatever net profit you’re making in your first year when your site is impressive and modern won’t be anywhere what you’re making then. Granted, you may have grown your business through other means, and I sincerely hope you do, but keeping all else equal, your website will perform much less in terms of converting customers 5 years down the line than today. And that’s why I include that into the calculator, since I don’t want to pretend your website will be a golden goose forever. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be, is it getting you a healthy double-digit annualized return or not? That’s the only thing that matters.

why is a update recommended every 30 months?

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This isn’t just a business – it’s a mission to help business owners adapt to a changing landspace. We work tirelessly to make progress on this mission.



We listen to your problems and your needs. You’re a human first before a business owner. We’re happy to point you in the right direction with whatever help you need (business-related or not)



You’d be amazed at the ideas you can generate when you throw away aasumptions and ‘best-practices’. We follow first-principles and are guided by YOUR goals – not some ‘pie-in-sky’ goal.

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There’s a lot of different ways to improve your online success, but you don’t know what’s worth the ROI. When it comes to physical things, you have a great idea on what you’ll get out of it. That physical piece of equipment is in your backyard – but you have years or decades of experience working in your industry and so you know roughly that X piece of equipment will take 2 years to pay off, has a 5 year average lifetime, so that’s 3 years of profit on that. So making that purchase isn’t something you sweat about, it’s a no-brainer. But online, that is definitely not in your backyard, especially considering this backyard changes HEAVILY every single year. But you’re looking around, and you see your competitors spending money online- on websites,  google adwords, facebook ads, funnels, and you’re thinking – are they making good money on that, they must if I keep seeing it – how do I get that? And then finally, in the off chance that someone interacts with you online, you’re not really sure how they got there – word of mouth maybe, or why? Why them – you see the people that call you and decide not to work with you, but what about all the people that find you online and decide not to work with you before any interaction with you- that’s 100 times more probably. The reality is now in 2021 you can have the best offer and the best ability to sell that offer and work 80 hours a week – you’re not going to beat the most intelligent and engaging salesperson that’s working 24/7 –  a website and more generally, an online system. So let us create one for you

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