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SEO is a scam!

Well, not really. But, SEO is a great way to trick small businesses into paying a lot for little work. Why?

*Please note that this is a supplementary service to one of our three main services- web development, offer creation, and ads. We do not offer SEO without engagement in one of our three main services.

You can’t compare the SEO ROI of a 8 figure business to a 6 or 7 figure business.

What SEO agencies won’t tell you, is that if you’re a small business owner doing less than $10,000 a month, you have some other things to work on before paying for SEO. But they’re happy to take your money for a year before you realize this.

That’s why I’m working on an in-depth and free guide to SEO that will be out in September 2023. Join my newsletter to get sent the link when it comes out.

What We Can Do For You

User-Experience Optimization

A fast website, that is mobile-friendly, clean, easy to navigate, and visually engaging will put you way ahead of your competitors.

We live in an age where every small business has a website, but almost none of them have well-optimized sites – they were just put together haphazardly (usually with only the input of the owner – not of a professional and full-time website designer).

We consult our 32-point checklist when creating a website to ensure your website is seen as on a different level than that of your competitors.

Content Consultation

We can consult you on how to create high-value content, or generate good (not great) content with AI.

We’ll do research to find what topics are in demand that competitors are missing.

Depending on your budget, and the time you’re willing to invest, we can help you create good to amazing content that will have qualified visitors spending time on your website and sharing it. As they spend more time with your business, they’ll be much more comfortable with working with you.

On-Page SEO

We do a lot: title text, meta text, header tags, keywords, image alt tag, internal linking, proper navigation, proper structure & flow, and the research that backs all of that up.

176% increase in organic traffic for master jeweller




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Integrated strategy drives 30% uplift in leads for insurance provider



CRO, Paid Media

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Reactive campaign achieved 180+ links for national card retailer



Digital PR

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What can our SEO do for your business?

You’ll get more of the right clientele, because you’ve optimized your website for a specific audience.

Visitors will spend more time on your site and convert to leads more often, which will in turn lead to higher-rankings on search engines.

You’ll get visitors sharing your website more often.

Since you’ve engaged and impressed these visitors that became leads, once it’s time to get them on a sales call, they’ll already feel like they know you, and converting them to a client will be significantly easier.

We don’t provide blog content (you shouldn’t leave content entirely up to third parties anyways).  We focus on SEO that makes your website more search-engine friendly as well as more human-friendly. 

What's Holding You Back Now?

Lack of Traffic

Strategy: Marketing

Lack of Leads

Strategy: Conversion Optimization

Lack of Sales

Strategy: Positioning