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We Start with your online strategy

A website without a strategy is like a headlight without a battery”

You must know where you’re going in order to get profitable results out of your online investment. Therefore, we always start an engagement with an attempt to deeply understand what your goals and unique needs are in order to find the best pathway to reaching them. 

Why Choose Us



This isn’t just a business – it’s a mission to help business owners adapt to a changing landspace. We work tirelessly to make progress on this mission.



We listen to your problems and your needs. You’re a human first before a business owner. We’re happy to point you in the right direction with whatever help you need (business-related or not)



You’d be amazed at the ideas you can generate when you throw away aasumptions and ‘best-practices’. We follow first-principles and are guided by YOUR goals – not some ‘pie-in-sky’ goal.

It's more than just websites

Be A part of something great

There’s a lot of different ways to improve your online success, but you don’t know what’s worth the ROI. When it comes to physical things, you have a great idea on what you’ll get out of it. That physical piece of equipment is in your backyard – but you have years or decades of experience working in your industry and so you know roughly that X piece of equipment will take 2 years to pay off, has a 5 year average lifetime, so that’s 3 years of profit on that. So making that purchase isn’t something you sweat about, it’s a no-brainer. But online, that is definitely not in your backyard, especially considering this backyard changes HEAVILY every single year. But you’re looking around, and you see your competitors spending money online- on websites,  google adwords, facebook ads, funnels, and you’re thinking – are they making good money on that, they must if I keep seeing it – how do I get that? And then finally, in the off chance that someone interacts with you online, you’re not really sure how they got there – word of mouth maybe, or why? Why them – you see the people that call you and decide not to work with you, but what about all the people that find you online and decide not to work with you before any interaction with you- that’s 100 times more probably. The reality is now in 2021 you can have the best offer and the best ability to sell that offer and work 80 hours a week – you’re not going to beat the most intelligent and engaging salesperson that’s working 24/7 –  a website and more generally, an online system. So let us create one for you


Web Development

What makes an amazing website? Purpose. Visual appeal. Relevant content. Clear site navigation & much more. Here at Omnius, we’re obsessed with making websites not good, not great, but amazing. We’re obsessed with results, because websites have one main purpose- to sell your business online. And most importantly, we’re obsessed with working with our clients as a team. That’s why we start with a comprehensive on-boarding process where we really get to know your business and your target audience. Your investment in a website is an investment into building your business.

Offer Creation

How does a business convert a visitor that doesn’t feel any urgency to act, doesn’t really know what they’re looking for, has barely any idea what that business does, and has a dozen other things on their mind? A compelling offer! What Andrei calls a GodFather Offer- ‘make them an offer they can’t refuse.’

Andrei specializes in working directly with business owners to craft them a creative and profitable offer on a custom landing page, that will convert visitors at 10x the rate of their website’s contact page.

Facebook Advertisements

If done right in some industries Facebook ads can be the cheapest customer acquisition you’ve ever had. We take your graphics, photos, and offers and attractively highlight them to your top 3 target audiences, making sure to split-test heavily.

Google Advertisements

We take advantage of having a vertical offering (by offering web design we have more control over improving your results in SEO and Google adwords). We implement new strategies that you may not use yourself, and we split test heavily to make sure you’re consistently profitable.

The most valuable traffic out there is traffic from a search engine. Because these people are already primed to buy. This services includes on-page SEO for FREE! Tactics like meta descriptions, mobile-friendliness, improving speed, boosting content length with valuable keywords and secondary keywords).

Ready to work with Omnius? Here's what happens next:


Fill out Form

We make sure only to work with people we’re sure we can help. We’ll have some key questions to ask before we get into our discovery call.


Discovery Call

We’ll have a focused and productive conversation about your business, target audience, your KPI’s, and what your specific needs are.


Get Started

After our detailed proposal and signing agreements we’ll get started on a unique and tailored strategy for you.



We will incorporate an end-to-end strategy that is much more than web design in order to deliver a great return on investment for you.



Depending on how you’ve chosen to work with us (retainer for the quarter paying us an hourly fee or a fixed price for the site), we’ll work on improvements and give suggestions.


10 year relationship

We hope you love our results-oriented approach so much that we’ll work together throughout the 2020’s (who knows what the 2030’s will bring) – but we’ll never make you sign a contract forcing commitment. 

I don't leave any stone unturned in my mission to get you more AND better clients.