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Half Of Your Business Is Convincing People To Hire You

When you’re a service-based small business owner, if you’re not actively bringing in sales, your business QUICKLY dries up. So you do it all the time.

From doing sales, to keeping up to date with your social media, to networking, to fulfilling a great customer experience so you get referrals, to most of your work-day, you are either directly or indirectly seeking to improve your position in the marketplace compared to competitors.

And doesn’t it seem like we’re living in an even more competitive time these days? It’s harder then ever to compete when there’s a million people doing what you do, and when billion-dollar companies keep vacuuming up increasing amounts of the market.

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“I would highly recommend Omnius Web Development. We initially hired Andrei to review our 6 month old Shopify based site to see what could be improved from both a visual and business perspective… His pricing is very reasonable and his knowledge and work was excellent. He truly made a ‘good’ website ‘great’ and we have solid analytics to prove that his changes worked.”

Greg Heller

CEO of The Chef Upstairs

Toronto's Top Cooking Class Provider

What If You Were Seen As The Top Service Provider In Your Niche + City?

Because you don’t have to be a global brand, or even one of the best, to make a very healthy 7 or 8 figures per year. You can be a star in your city and be unknown everywhere else – that’s fine! Instead of aiming nowhere or somewhere unrealistic, I’m going to suggest you aim for a position that will completely change your life and that of your customers.

There’s in fact 9 benefits of being seen as a local top service provider in your niche:

It's Shockingly Easy, Even In 2023

It’s shockingly easy to position yourself as the go-to service-provider in most cities and niches. Sure, every small business has a website and some online presence, but very few position themselves effectively. Although it’s 2023 and absolutely everyone makes buying decisions and research online, small businesses still only give a sliver of their budget and attention to their online presence. Those that adapt to this digital age will win increasingly larger shares of the market. Our duty is to help some small businesses survive this transition period- because big businesses have already adapted.

What’s the State of Small Businesses Today?

Most small businesses:

Overall – most small businesses do nothing to inspire trust in buyers online! The only trust they develop is through 1 on 1 interactions- through referrals and word of mouth- and any small business that DOES take the time to build that trust online is going to outcompete them.


It All Comes Back To Your Website

So when people visit your site, do you want to be seen as one of many, or as one of the top service providers in your niche?

Who Made Your Website?

If you’re a small business owner, it’s a given that you have a website. But whose input did you take to make it?

So far, you’ve only ever gotten opinions from:

Was it even made with the intention of positioning you as an authority, or was it just made as an online brochure?

You Need An Independent Opinion

That’s why I’ve created a standalone analysis that ensures you have an expert critiquing your current online presence, telling you what you need to get the results you care about, without there being a conflict of interest.

Get a custom video on the Top 5 things missing from your website or overall online presence to:

P.S. There is a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, and 2 bonuses included that you can keep: A 32 Point Website MUSTS Checklist (including exactly how to implement everything) as well as my ‘The Perfect Website’ book PDF

P.P.S. Here’s 4 business owners that loved their Top 5 Video:

Barbara, CEO of Wellness with Barbara

Eric, CEO of HIIT Excellence

JP, CEO of JP Moves You

Riley, CEO of 92social

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