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Why not wordpress + Elementor

Not your priority right now

Remember how multiple times I’ve said that in this stage in your business, your number 1 priority is 1 on 1 sales?

An advanced website just isn’t worth it for you right now. Imagine a website as a % increase in your revenue- through more conversions, higher prices, and an easier sales process. 20% of 40k is $8000 but 20% of 250k is $50,000. You don’t want to pay $3000 for a best case $8000 return- the margin of error isn’t large enough.

Even if you get a positive ROI, its not worth it

Firstly, the assumption that I’m going to make (that I think is fair) is that to get an advanced website you’re either paying around $3000 in dollars, or in your time and energy. A professional will do it 3x faster and better, so even when you consider their profit margin, you’re paying $3000 somehow.

Ok, so let’s assume the best case from above, where $3000 is turned into $8000 from more conversions, price increases, and time saving. When you’re this small, I guarantee there are better things to spend your time and resources in.

That $3000 is locked in. Imagine it was something like bitcoin- something that has nothing to do with your business but is just there for the profit. You’re $5000 richer at the end of the year, but you weren’t able to spend that $3000 on something that was directly relevant to this stage in your journey.

Where your attention goes, energy flows. Invest in your knowledge, your product/service, a kick-ass sales system. You don’t need an advanced website for this.

Invest in yourself first

As I’m giving business owners and friends advice, I find myself coming back to the fact that success isn’t in doing anything crazy its about consistently doing the right things at the right time.

There are likely 101 things you can spend time and money on that will get you a positive ROI, but there are only a handful that will move the needle the most. The truth is you’ve got like 20-50 years to build a business that can survive and thrive without you. You can’t just do anything that will get you an ROI- you’re not a vampire that has hundreds of years.

At this stage in your business, investing in yourself, your sales, and buying back time (having a VA, admin, low-level employees) will bring you to the next level, where it does make a ton of sense to invest in advanced marketing and brand building and all the fancy things.

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Andrei is old enough to have 7 years of experience and young enough to give much more relevant advice than the dinosaurs in this industry.

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Why not wordpress + Elementor


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